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A2 Management

The Story

From the beginning, there was a dream.

A dream to thrive, a dream to dare.

A dream to surpass the expectations of others that failed before them.

A dream of zeal, a dream of tenacity.

A dream that sparked a plan into motion, a plan of the future.

Such was the ideology held by four companions, brothers of one mind, though they did not know it yet. They poured their very souls into their work. Many nights were spent toiling on projects, sacrifices were made to ensure the highest levels of workmanship.

As time passed, they eventually learnt of their shared interest in going the extra mile, as well as an unspoken covenant to provide quality over quantity, tailored to the individual requirements of every client. Their passion for their work, as well as their eagerness to network with contemporaries allowed them to pursue their objectives without deviating.

From humble origins, four friends of over a decade then formed A2 Management, out of their desire to broaden their horizons as well as constantly adapting to evolving industry standards. Each with their own unique skill set, and an enthusiasm for entrepreneurial developments, they provide a vast array of services pertaining to weddings and events.

With nothing more than the aspirations of young hopefuls and only $35 between them at that point in time, they willed their dreams into reality. Although they were aware of the arduous challenges that lay ahead, the team remained steadfast in their resolve, working ever harder to overcome their obstacles, only to be purified by the trials they faced.

Building on their search for excellence, they maintain a keen eye for details, nuances and subtleties, in order to provide a comprehensively personalized experience for their niche clientele. As a result, A2 Management has been described as one of the most progressive businesses since 2012, placing paramount importance on customer satisfaction, paralleled only by the mutual ambition in their field, as well as the dream that binds.

A2 Management: Creating memories of a lifetime.

Our Services

Food Catering (But not limited to on-site chefs and waiting staff)

Lighting Design

Decorations and Design (Outdoors)

Events Management

Wedding Planning

Audio/Visual Equipment Sales & Rental

Fun Facts

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projects completed since 2008
out of 5 star rating (by customers)


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Office Location


11 Mandai Estate
Unit #07-17
Postal Code 729908